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If youíve even driven by a new house construction site in your neighborhood, you have some sense of what the process is. Chances are the build took so long you have a good idea of the process from beginning to end. With the number of home building and do-it-yourself construction shows on television, you have an ever better sense of all the choices that must be made. But television makes building a house, like most other issues, into a smooth process without obstacle. It seems that Ty Pennington and his team of neighborhood kids can throw up a dream home in less that a week. But not many of us can, so unless you are working with Ty and his crack dream team, donít bet on the build being as short, as smooth, or as free of obstacles.

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One of the essentials in building a house that is often overlooked and underplayed by the home construction shows is choice of building materials. The building blocks of your newly constructed home are often neglected as being a choice at all. Most on-site home construction sites are full of piled of untreated #1 pine of different dimensions: 1x4s, 2x4s, and 2x12s. The conversation around wood choice is limited if it occurs at all. While pine is one of the most common woods in home construction due to its light weight and strength, it is used most often because it remains one of the most economical woods. But it is by no means the only wood. Cedar, birch, cherry wood are as common in the lumber yard as pine, but with a higher price tag per square foot, they are rarely considered as basic building materials in house construction.

Home exteriors, however, receive much consideration in terms of material and finishes. You have some idea of what youíre exterior interests are already based on your reactions to homes in your surrounding area. Siding, aluminum and otherwise, has fallen far from grace in building a new home. Wood finishes and shingles have become a much more appealing choice. Their warmness and texture bring a much needed natural feel into a home and a neighborhood.

Cedar has found its home as a popular choice in the building of a new house. While cedar siding and shingles have remained popular over the past two decades, cedar has now made its way into home framing altogether. With prefab home manufacturing and home kits as an ever-growing niche in the housing market, cedar is even more prevalent. Its color, feel, weight, and beauty have brought it to the forefront. Manufacturers have taken advantage of this offering cedar homes, cabins, and log home kits.

Beyond their ability to offer outstanding pricing on cedar and other high end wood (due to high order volume), prefab home companies offer excellent design choice and unmatched build time. If a new home is in your near future, researching prefab home companies and finding one that suits your specific needs, can make building a house a more enjoyable, cost-effective, and timely affair.

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