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Cedar Homes are, obviously, homes made from the cedar varietals of wood. There are more than a dozen species of cedar in North America. One of the most widely used species in home building is the Western Red Cedar. The Western Red Cedar grows only on the northwest coasts of the United States and Canada. These trees, along with their cousin the giant red wood, can often grow upwards of 100 feet high. The giant cedar is famous for growing so large that cars can drive through their middles.

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The red coloring of the cedar is warm and rich in texture. The fresh timber also offers a distinct fragrance that has been co-opted into air fresheners and potpourri mixes. Together with its copper-like color, these natural characteristics of cedar make it a unique and beautiful building material for homes and cabins.

Cedar wood is renowned for its natural resistance to splitting and cracking. And unlike some softwood, it does not give in easily to rot or insect infestation. If the cedar hasn’t already convinced you of its superiority, cedar grain is very straight giving it a smooth-line look that is often copied in today’s modern architecture.

With computerized precision milling, companies offering cedar homes often guarantee that every log fits perfectly. This means there will be no spaces between logs to let in air, wind, light, cold, or moisture. Many home builders and buyers who are unfamiliar with the cedar/log home process shy away from cedar and log homes thinking that a sheet rock or cement wall is somehow better. Contrarily, cedar and log cabin walls offer all the durability and quality of man-made materials – and with the beauty of nature. Many cedar homes even test better as insulators than their man-made counterparts.

If the cedar wasn’t already good enough on its own, some cedar home companies and providers offer kiln-drying of the lumber as a final step in processing their cedar homes. This process reduces moisture content which decreases the chance of warping which occurs in wood due to excess moisture. Kiln-drying also makes the wood both lighter and stronger which makes construction easier and homes more durable.

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