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The cedar log home has been around in the U.S. for hundreds of years. With cedar being in abundance in the forests of Western North America, pioneers were fashioning log homes from cedar since the 19th century. At that point in time, the choice was more out of necessity than design or anything else. But today, many consumers looking to build a first home or buy another are choosing the cedar log house above others. The reasons are multiple.


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Historically, log homes were built because the technology to build other kinds of homes efficiently was simply not around. Pioneers used what was around them – and did so quite well. They were lucky to encounter cedar as they pushed west. Other species of trees may have been too heavy or too inferior for home building. Cedar is now not only a choice in today’s vast marketplace of home building materials, but one of the most popular.

Felling whole trees and stacking them upon each other with some sort of mortar between was the technology of the day in the late 1700s and early 1800s. As milled wood became prevalent, homes more and more were constructed using “sticks and boards” rather than whole logs. Cedar logs, however, are both strong and light in weight. This combination makes cedar not only a viable option, but a popular choice in constructing whole log homes.

Today, with transportation and availability of cedar not an issue in the US and Canada, people are choosing the solid, classic cedar log homes more and more. Cedar log homes carry a certain distinctive quality and weight that just cannot be achieved with sticks and boards. In combination with its distinctive color and smell, cedar has become one of the most popular choices in log homes.

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