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Dream homes can mean something different to each dreamer. One dream house may have a pool, deck, and game room. Another may simply have larger bedrooms and a modern kitchen. Other dream houses haven’t yet been completely designed in the minds of their dreamers. A dream home needs to not only meet your needs of today but serve the wishes of tomorrow.

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For most, the dream house remains a dream for much if not all of their lives. Even if you are at that place in your life where a dream home can be financially possible, you may not know how to go about realizing it. How can I get my dream home design from my mind, and into reality? Who do I turn to and who can I trust? These questions and more often thwart an effort to build a dream house before the ideas even can get off the ground.

Sometimes our ideas for a dream house materialize in our minds almost overnight. But in reality the dream home may take years to build. Some experts advise taking 3-6 months to preplan your dream house. The house itself will surely take another six months to a year to construct from scratch – and that’s after you’ve found a trustworthy and accomplished team of designers and construction workers.

But there are some keen ways to expedite the process while getting all that you want in your dream home. One way to both cut costs and time is to use stock plans. Stock plans – those that have already been drawn – cut costs on new home building by 10-15% of total costs. Home construction companies that deal in home and cabin kits as well as prefabricated homes use stock plans not only to cut costs for the buyer but also to give the buyer an idea of the choices that are available. Stock plans are also more economical to modify and customize than custom drawings. In the end, the home owner gets exactly what they desired in their dream house design plan at a better price.

Choosing a prefab home company and using stock plans can also same time in overall construction of your dream home. Just using stock plans alone can save months in planning and construction time. Another advantage is the more accurate final cost estimate that comes with stock drawings allowing you to focus more energy and money into the aspects of the home that make it your dream. Just a 10% cost savings on a dream home can mean a savings of $40-100,000 dollars – enough to realize some other dreams that you once thought were unattainable.

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