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Is a dream home in your future? Do you want one to be? Have you searched and researched but have been unable to find one that met your needs and your price range? It seems that even the most expensive homes on the market today are somehow missing something. For this reason and others, many who are looking for their dream home are deciding to design and build their dream homes from scratch. Many of these same consumers are still finding it difficult to get what they want for the price they want.

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For these consumers and others, the idea of designing and building their own dream home is appealing. But once the process is begun, the appeal loses a bit of its gleam. Suddenly architecture firms, design teams, construction companies, and city officials all seem to be in cahoots against you. From permits, to redrawing plans, to unforeseen construction costs – they all weren’t part of the plan from the beginning. But they, for most first home builders, are a fact of building a dream home from scratch.

Many of these same consumers are turning to home kit manufacturers and other types of prefabricated home companies for answers. And most are coming away happy that they did. The modern prefab home company offers designs, pricing, materials, all within a time frame and budget that seemed impossible when dealing with a traditional on-site home builder.

Dream home design has become one of the prefab company’s favorite niches within their market. With the technology and ability to produce large and luxurious homes at a price per square foot that will have you wondering how on-site homebuilders could possible charge so much. With designs of over 4000 square feet and the capacity to modify and customize almost any part of the design and construction package, these modern home kit companies have been a growing choice for dream homes for more than a decade.

These home companies allow the customer to use their foundation designs (which number in the hundreds) as stepping off points from which to individualize their own dream home design. Customer service amongst many of these companies is more than satisfactory, and, with a design team on board, they are able to see it to that your choices and custom design are implemented effectively and economically.

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