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Home planning for any home has at least three distinct phases: preplanning, drawing up plans, and construction. Each of these phases has sub-phases of their own, from the modification of the original house plans to choosing exterior finishes and materials. Dream homes do not get build overnight, and most do not get finished without some kind of obstacles to overcome. As much as the home plan is that of a “dream,” often the process is more like a nightmare. So, what can be done to limit the extent of the obstacles that you will surely face in your dream home plan? And how can I assure that my dream home plan is built as close to my specifications as possible?

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Like many endeavors in life, planning and forethought are often worth their weight in savings – both time and money. But if you’ve little experience in planning and building a home – never mind your dream home – it’s difficult to know where to begin the planning. Architectural firms and construction companies can help, but they will charge you for this preplanning. Like lawyers, most architectural design teams charge by the hour, so if you plan of using one, be sure that you have your ideas tangible and your budget and time frame clear.

An alternative to paying per hour for this mid-planning process, you can use the resources of design teams that are available to you through home design kit and prefab manufacturing companies. Most of these companies, especially those who deal in luxury and dream home planning, have designs, plans (and often photos), available on line for your edification in the process. You can study their stock plans, and then create your own idea of a dream home plan through a conglomeration of their existing stock plans.

The idea for a dream home may stem from various needs and desires, but they will all follow the same phases in execution, so it is a good idea to get help from a firm which has brought other dream home plans to fruition. Prefab home companies have experience in creating individualized dream homes – probably more than your average local construction company. With national distribution, these firms can offer you the experience of designing and building hundreds of homes in the time that many on-site construction companies have completed only a fraction.

Whether your dream home is a modern beach home or a mountain getaway; whether it’s an idyllic retreat or a bachelor’s dream, the expertise of home manufacturing companies can be a great aid. A dream home is not as far away as it may seem – many are already waiting for you and your distinct vision.

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