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Manufactured homes, the most common of which is the mobile home, has surfaced as a housing choice for Americans across the country. In a housing market where the average two-bedroom home is weighing in at over $200,000, the manufactured home has initial appeal due to its small price tag. With some further research, the manufactured or prefabricated home, becomes not only initialing appealing, but a great long-term home investment.

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Prices of manufactured homes vary according not only to size, design and style, but also location and name. You can find a 2000 square-foot, three-bedroom home for under $100,000 which puts it at an amazing $50 per square foot. This kind of build per square foot is unheard of outside of the manufactured or mobile home market. And so it has become a popular choice with both first home buyers and retirees for decades. When a quick move is required, or you have found the ideal location for a home and want to get to living on it as soon as possible, manufactured homes can be an answer.

But these days the manufactured home market is reaching beyond the low-income and retiree demographic. Some buyers are taking advantage of the low price and high turnaround rate by investing in a manufactured home for their vacation spot. There is perhaps no easier way to take hold of your vacation dream spot than the manufactured home.

Research into purchasing a manufactured home is a necessity. Be sure to find a provider that offers you not only the design and size you need, but the support and back-up that you need. Types of materials and finishes vary by company and model, so ask questions about maintenance and upkeep.

Like other kinds of prefabricated homes, the manufactured home was once considered unattractive “cookie-cutter” homes that weren’t for those concerned about design or amenities. But times have changed. Mobile and manufactured homes now offer all the amenities of the neighbors more expensive, wood framed home – but at less than half the price. Looking for a home with a sun room? No problem. How about cathedral ceilings? A manufactured home can do that, too. With the addition of a porch, deck, two-car garage, and perhaps a pool or Jacuzzi, and you have created a near dream home at a price that couldn’t afford you half of a traditional home of the same quality.

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