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So What Is Post and Beam?

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Post and Beam Home.  You may have heard the term before, but do you truly know what it means? We at Raise a Roof.com, a premier distributor of post and beam homes, are here to help. 

Cedar post and beam homes have been around for a while, but few people really understand the post and beam construction techniques that make them the unique and quality homes they are.  The first step towards making a quality post and beam home is the wood that is selected to the job. Raise a Roof only approves the highest quality cedar wood for our homes, and you can be sure that any post and beam home Raise a Roof endorses has quality written all over it.

Step 1 to buying a post and beam home:

Never compromise on the quality of your post and beam construction.  Many home builders choose the right company (such as Raise a Roof) to ensure that the post and beam home they ordered is of highest quality.  Unfortunately, many people stop there and forget that getting the post and beam home up and running can be just as important.

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Step 2 to buying a post and beam home:

Ensure that the post and beam home builder you use is capable of scaling up to any quantity of homes while maintaining quality.  It may be the case that the builder takes on a large number of orders right before or after yours, and then is incapable of building the quality post and beam structure that you require due to time and labor constraints.  Raise a Roof only uses suppliers capable of meeting both our demand and quality standards.

Step 3 to buying a post and beam home:

Always go with the known quantity.  Raise a Roof has been around for years and is a trusted resource for homes. Getting a home from a small time manufacturer with little experience in constructing post and beam home kits can only lead to problems and delays. Put your trust in a reliable company such as Raise a Roof and ensure that your home is constructed reliably.


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