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So you’ve decided to build your own home and are now debating what type of building and floor plan will fit your style and need. Are you feeling rustic and idyllic? Are you feeling more modern and hard edged? Maybe you are feeling somewhere in between those extremes – somewhere in the comfortable yet contemporary zone. Great. But how do you get that across in a building plan or floor plan?

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Well, prefabricated home makers, who have made a mark in the housing market over the past two decades and are becoming more prominent by the day, have much to offer in respect to building and floor plan options. With hundreds of home building sites on the web, you can literally choose from thousands of floor plans and building models. Does the Birkenhead sound good to you? Perhaps the Alps Chalet? How about the Morganson? How about customizing one of your own and giving it your own unique name? Anything’s possible.

But before you get carried away, you will have to decide on a floor plan for your new home, whether it’s a cedar cabin, a log home, or a more traditional style dwelling. One choice that has become admired with today’s consumer is the post and beam style. Post and beam construction is one of the oldest forms of home construction in existence. From Stonehenge to Roman temples to skyscrapers and back again – they are all post and beam construction of some form. The basis of this type of construction is simple: vertical posts (attached to a foundation) hold the weight of horizontal beams to create sturdy frames upon which floors, ceilings, walls, and exteriors can be attached. The materials and fastening techniques differ across time and space, but modern home building most often uses wood as both post and beam for its lightweight, strength, and flexibility.

Post and beam floor plans have more flexibility than other types of construction. With the increased strength of today’s treated/dried woods and the technology behind the kinds of joinery used, interior floor plans are limited only by the imagination. Because the frame supports are so strong, interior walls are not needed as supports. This enables the floor plan to have large open areas and high ceilings. The size of a room is not dependant only on your needs and not the strategic placement of supports. The outcome is an airy space with long open spans and towering ceilings.

Post and beam construction allows for the customization of your floor plan to meet your own need and aesthetic. Wasted space is no longer an issue. You can make use of the entire interior of your post and beam floor plan without structural stress or concern.

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