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The Sears & Roebuck company first produced and marketed their Homes by Mail program in 1908. In response to a need for low priced, quickly constructed housing, these Homes by Mail allowed many Americans to own their first home at a time when being a home owner had been reserved for the wealthy and elite.

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The problem with these prefab homes was that they were cookie-cutter designed and did not use the best of materials in manufacturing. The first prefabs may have been cheap, but they were also cheaply made. They didnít have design appeal and they were a nightmare to upkeep. The average life of these first prefab homes was less than a decade. The idea that Sears & Roebuck had was a good one, but their execution left much to be desired.

The last century has seen prefab homes go through various improvements in an attempt to change the public attitude towards them. In the last decade, they have succeeded in doing so. Prefab homes now make up a percentage of the overall home market in the US and Canada each year Ė and that percentage is growing thanks to better design, materials, construction, and pricing.

While companies like Ikea have now sold millions of their prefab homes across the world, most of their sales have been in Europe. The European consumer seems more apt to purchase a home for its cutting edge design and conservation in production. But that attitude is catching on here in the US. American consumers are now recognizing the benefits of prefab homes as well as realizing that their choices in style are no longer limited by going prefab.

With continued awareness and advertising by prefab home companies and the rise in support from architecture and design magazines, prefabricated homes should continue their affair with the American public. Prefab home sites are doing their part by giving new home buyers an idea of what they can expect and the choices they now have. Experts estimate that the popularity of prefab homes will continue to grow at steady rates in this current housing market, so get ahead of the curve and do your research.

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