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Pre-fabricated home buildings and pre-fad homes are those homes and or buildings that are manufactured entirely off-site and then delivered to the chosen home site. In the UK, the word prefab was used to reference factory built homes that were manufactured after World War II. Much of London’s landscape had been bombed out or destroyed, and the citizens were in need of a quick and efficient strategy to rebuild and re-house the landscape. Prefabs became that solution. While prefabs have been around now for over a century, their form, function, cost, and design have changed drastically in that time - and almost entirely for the better.

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Since their origin, prefabricated home buildings have been produced off-site in factories or workshops. The workman/carpenter will build sections of the home at a time that can be easily shipped and assembled on site. However, in the past, these prefab homes were produced at a low scale and therefore were not much more cost effective than traditionally built stick homes.

As assembly lines and factories became prevalent during the industrial revolution, advance in technologies and efficiency affected the growth of the pre-fab home building industry greatly. Production of prefabs moved from a carpenter’s workshop onto the assembly line. The result was a much more efficient production of home panels which, in turn, made prefab homes much more economical for the buyer.

Once misconceptions about cost of prefabricated home buildings were put to rest, the US countryside became dotted with prefab homes. Like post-war London, post industrial US saw a population boom that necessitated more homes – and fast. The prefab home industry again, was the perfect solution.


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