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Chalet Prow

The Birkenhead: Build a House, a Real House


If you want to build a house, this two-storied, self-contained structure is a great choice. The Birkenhead houses a large master bedroom with private living area, as well as a secondary bedroom or work-space.

It's front face of windows allows both floors to receive light and take advantage of any view. The ground floor opens onto a large and open living/dining area and funnels back to a full kitchen, bath, and spare room. The spare room is perfect for the occupant or couple expecting guests, needing an in-home work space, or with young adults who may want privacy.
If you are considering building a house, and have never done so in the past, this may be a great and manageable project.

Our prices start at $34.00 USD per square foot for our most basic prefabricated house models. Please contact us for specific prices for the cedar home kit models that you are interested in.

Floor Plans:
You can view the Birkenhead floor plan online.  Remember, you can customize your floor plan to suit your needs.  Just contact us today!

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